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About The Developer

We are a small indie team, comprised of brothers Paweł and Piotr Olszewski. We formed Preon Studio to create amazing games.

Combined, we have extensive experience in programming, graphic design, and game development. Piotr has worked in the video game industry for several years as a senior programmer and Paweł has years of freelance experience in both programming and graphic design.

Solar Baron is our first game and we are excited about making it and hearing player reactions.


The idea for Solar Baron came about from the desire to combine the scale, realistic orbital mechanics and feeling of “being there” of games like Kerbal Space Program with the top-down strategy layer of games like Stellaris.

What if you could design spacecraft and watch them launch, land, rendezvous, dock, etc. in a life-sized solar system without needing to control them directly? What if you needed to spend resources and time constructing these spacecraft and have dozens of them flying around, doing missions? This would put the player in the role of a space company manager, rather than being the crash test dummy in a physics-based sandbox or the controller of abstract points in space called “ships” and “planets”. (Not to insult those types of games; we love and were inspired by them.)

This was an exciting idea, not only to us but other people with whom we shared it. The sheer number of possibilities for interesting gameplay gave us a minor seizure. After recovering, we decided to go for it. We quit our jobs, started full-time development and formed Preon Studio.

About The Game

The world faces a resource shortage. In desperation, the world government has privatized the under-performing global space agency in the hope that profit-driven individuals will find a way to tap the vast amount of resources available on other worlds and deliver them back home.

You are one such profit-driven individual.

Solar Baron is a real-time tycoon resource management and logistics game. The game is set in a seamless, randomly-generated solar system with a range of resources to gather, pump and mine for maximum profit.

Life-Sized Solar System

Solar Baron features a vast, life-sized solar system of procedurally generated planets and moons. You’ll need to solve the logistical challenges associated with transporting tons of valuable resources across billions of kilometers of space by constructing a network of strategically-placed orbital and surface depots.

Spacecraft and Spaceport Design

Research new technologies and design spacecraft capable of carrying out specific missions. With a range of available engines, fuel types, and other components, you will be challenged with designing spacecraft that strike a balance between maintenance requirements, production time, mass and – of course – cost.

Design spaceports from a range of modules to serve as fuel depots, research stations, tourist destinations or any combination of these. Just remember that each module must be launched into orbit, so design with caution.

Orbital Mechanics And Mission Planning

Solar Baron simulates realistic orbital mechanics as well as real-world orbital maneuvers. However, you don’t need to figure out the gritty details yourself – you pay people to do that for you. The game features a streamlined mission design system: create a list of actions you wish for a spacecraft to perform and it will calculate every aspect of the mission. This leaves you to do more important things: creating a strategy, setting goals, planning missions and watching the bottom line.




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